Cabinet Reshuffle

So Johnson reshuffles the Cabinet to find people Dominic Cummings approves of. Apart from the rather surprising fact that Sajid Javid has apparently dug deep and found some integrity and and hence resigned, by and large I couldn’t care less. Most of those fired seem to me to be people with the charisma and intellectual ability of a jellyfish (e.g. Andrea Leadsom, Esther McVey and the misleadingly named James Cleverly). It does however seem to me extraordinary that Julian Smith as Northern Ireland Secretary got the boot. He’s done a good job there after an endless succession of utterly useless non entities (including Karen Bradley who spectacularly confessed to not knowing before her appointment that voters there tend to vote on sectarian lines). Smith has unblocked Stormont, got things moving, and is respected by all sides and his own civil servants. At a time when Johnson’s Brexit plans arguably throws Northern Ireland under a bus and there must be some risk of a return to violence, its very depressing.

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