Where will all the workers come from post Brexit?

As the Government announces its new “points based ” immigration system its clear the door is closing on low paid unskilled immigrants. So who is going to replace all thiose care workers, fruit pickers, labourers, waiting staff etc ?

Our charmless Home Secretary Priti Patel has the answer – ‘Economically inactive’ Britons could do jobs in sectors where there are shortages under new system, she says.

We have over 8.45 million people in the UK aged between 16 and 64 who are economically inactive,” she said.

That figure seems correct according to ONS data. But who are they?

The biggest category is students, who account for 27% of the inactive.

Another 26% of the inactive population count as sick – almost all of whom are long-term sick. 

Next up, 22% of the inactive are those who are looking after their homes or caring for family members. 

The fourth most common reason for economic inactivity is people who have retired before the age of 65 – that’s 13% of the total.

that leaves around 11% unaccounted for – or approximately 900,000 people. Good luck with that! No wonder just about every industry sector you can think of which uses unskilled labour is screaming.

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