This page allows me to vent my spleen and hopefully educate, inform or entertain visitors. It also keeps a record of stuff you might otherwise forget.

“a really bad idea” is (unsurprisingly) a pseudonym. I am a UK citizen, now semi retired and resident in France. One of those people dear old Theresa May described so charmingly as a “citizen of nowhere”.

I pay my taxes to the French government and have in the last two years acquired all the right paperwork to live here (carte de sejour, carte vitale etc). My wife was fortunate enough to have Irish grandparents so now has an Irish pasport and remains an EU citizen. Sadly my children from a previous marriage don’t have that option, which is what makes me most mad about this fiasco. I write this blog mainly to get things off my chest, but its also interesting to keep a record – its surprising how quickly you forget stuff. This blog replaces an earlier somewhat more satirical one I produced at borisforbrexit.com

If you would like to contact me drop me an e mail at boris@britishintelligence.co.uk.